From the diary of my iphone

Evan's "office" at Lone Peak High School. You can't really tell from the picture..but its actually just a desk in the closet where the rest of the teachers keep their food. Ha!    

I had been dying to drive through the canyon, but Evan had a better idea. Biking through the beautiful fall colors!

After an interview at the Church Office Building...we were so sure we would see President Monson again. Didn't. But we survived the interview! Favorite quote- Him: "How long have you been married?" Evan: "Just over a year" Him: "Hmm. I had kids by that time." Evan: " Haha yeah...(extremely awkward laugh) sometime soon...(fade out)..."

Found a solution to my no-dishwasher problem... all I had to do was let her wear the pink gloves and she's all about it! Disclaimer from her mother: She dresses herself :) Looks like a future Betsey Johnson to me!

In our living room before we figured out how to work the heaters (they are permanent space heaters connected to the wall) Weird. But so much warmer.

Oooh you mean I am supposed to empty that thing? Who knew! Got this text from Evan while sitting in class. You could count the laundry loads like tree rings. Laughed out loud!

After my first run in a couple months... Anyone else ever tripped on one of those huge acorns? You know like the size of a golf ball?
For long days at the hospital. They have pink lemonade on did I get so lucky!

Another text from Evan.... I don't share my bread and he doesn't share his chocolate milk. But I just had a tiny bit! I was sure he wouldn't notice! Wrong.


  1. hahaha. That last picture of Evan is classic! I love this post and that you're documenting your life. :) Love you!

  2. I agree with H at how glorious that last picture of Evan is! You are mostly too cute and every time I see that you have a new blog post I get extremely excited :) LOVE YOU

  3. hahah the picture of evan at the end with chocolate milk is hilarious. i'm like that with orange juice.


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