Utah Treasures

Moving is good for your soul. 
It forces you to sort through all your worldly possessions and ask yourself things like:

Why do I still own these?
Or in this case, more like why did he ever own these? 
(yeah those are his shorts he's wearing not mine, he has sneakily been moving those things with us from house to house!)

And this my friends is precisely why we have one of Utah's most beloved treasures: The DI.
DI is where you send things that are old, out of date, useless, or possibly just downright hideous.
Like that trendy something you bought to wear in 2007 that never made it off the hanger in your closet? You know the one you try on like twice a year and try and make it work but it never does? You DI it. 
Or those white and purple booty shorts you bought pre-mission days? DI those suckers.
A great way to lighten our load on the way to a fresh beginning.

But what do you do when you finally do send something to DI and need to replace it? We're all about thriftiness here in the beehive state. Lots of boy scouts and budget balancing Mormon mamas around these parts. So we have another Utah treasure for that too.

This is like Craigs List, buy and sell used stuff. But this is like the mother-of-all-Craigs-lists.
There is nothing you can't find or sell on ksl.com. Hunting knives? Stuffed animals? A tree? No problem. 
It even had a category for "Lost and Found," what the heck does that entail?

Earlier this year Evan and I were trying to figure out what to do with all of our damaged things from the flood. 
We took my macbook in to see if they could fix it. 
It would have cost more than I paid for it three years ago to get it fixed. The motherboard was fried.
 So then we tried to sell it to them for parts, they offered us $25.
Thanks but no thanks.

We posted it on KSL:
2009 Macbook
This computer does NOT work.
The motherboard is FRIED.
We'll let you pay us $200 to get it off our hands.

We sold it within a couple hours! 
Apparently we had no idea what it was worth.

So this week as we DI'ed our way through the house packing up, moving, unpacking, and turning this:

Into this:

We discovered we were in need of a kitchen table.
Luckily my sweet sister in law is a pro at finding the good stuff.
One quick trip to KSL.com and she solved our problem.
She found a beautiful Ethan Allen table with six chairs for 85% off the original price.
And its still in mint condition!
Apparently they had no idea what it was worth either.

Okay so the real Utah treasures are things like Zion's and Temple Square.
But seriously, these aren't far behind.
Get shopping!


  1. i've been waiting for a blog post and this is great! can't wait to see your apartment!!


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