Incoming Freshman!

Congratulations to my favorite new BYU Cougar!!!!!

Couldn't be more excited for my baby brother, I have been sneakily checking his route-Y account on a daily basis to see whether or not he was accepted.
Last Friday finally paid off:

Tanner Hutchinson
Status: Admitted Undergraduate


So natrually my family had to come up and celebrate!
We spent the day at Brighton (he's going to need to get used to the snow...)
Followed by dinner at one of our family favorites, The Pie.
These two took their first ever ski lesson... troopers!

It feels like everyone is moving back to Texas, but Ev and I are holding strong here in Utah Valley and I am thrilled to have another sibling here in June.

It was a quick trip but a great way to congratulate all these big achievements lately.
Thanks Mom and Dad, come back soon!


  1. Um don't forget us!! We're still here...until 2015! :)

  2. me too, but i am STOKED tan will be joining us! GOOD WORK, TANNY!!


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