From the diary of our iphones...

Being the favorite Aunt and Uncle 
{including forts, pizza, and ice cream}
Auditioning for a spot on an LDS movie about marriage and family 
{ pretty sure we didn't get it ha!}
March Madness going a little crazy 
{Evan's bracket is dominating}
My first attempt at home made bread 
{looks ugly, tastes good}
Donating to Romney and getting a thank you note for our generous contribution 
{of $3.00}
Sprucing up the truck with a new pair of plates 
{oh and a muffler, and a tailpipe, and a break light, and, and, and...}
Tyrone Wells at the Velour
 { Why does everyone else there feel the need to wear hipster glasses?}
Evan's many many bike rides
 {hooray for warming up weather!}
My trip home to TEXAS to celebrate with my favorite Mom
 {Happy Birthday! Love you so much!}
Evan going internet shopping...
{apologies for his domination of your news feed while I was out of town}
Evan's Sunday dinner creation 
{chicken cheese bagel paninis with a side of apple sauce and corn bread}


  1. I love the diary of any part of your life. JK...I take that back. I don't want to re-live the sharing a room in tears each night, but everything else is golden. Keep posting and I'll see you soon.


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