The Nights and Weekends Summer

Due to the huge blessing of our new jobs... we are looking at a vacation-less summer. Apparently they don't come with built in PTO... who knew? And considering I am saving all my days off for maternity leave with Baby Fox, we're going to spend the summer "vacationing" right here on the Wasatch front. Not a problem. We've got plenty to do after we finish all that 9 to 5 business.

Summer Bucket List
1.Timpanogas Caves

2. Play tennis

3.Speak at a youth conference

4. Hike Stuart Falls

5. Bike rides

6. Snow cones
7. Camping at Squaw Peak

8. Salt Lake Temple

9. Finish all 6 seasons of Psych (almost there... finished 5/6 ha!)

10. Create a Nursery

11. Get a tan

12. S'mores in the Canyon

13. Drive in movie

14. Wiffle Ball

15. Celebrate Anniversary #2

16. Garage sale-ing

17. Baseball games

18. Alpine Days

19. Float the Provo River

20. Visit a museum

 21. Fly kites

Suggestions (and visitors!) welcome!


  1. LOVE it! We want in on the bucket list :)
    We miss you guys! Hopefully we will see you guys soon!

  2. 22. Spend more time with Kirsten. :) love you guys!!

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