Would you rather:

 Come to work with me? 
Where we:
Take care of serious wounds
 (calm down HIPPA. Those aren't my actual patients, just text book examples)
Check vital signs
Draw labs
Call Doctors
Fill medication planners
Pull PICC lines
Administer chemo
Start IVs
Change briefs
Cut toe nails
Drive some more

Or go to work with Evan?

Where you:
Ride bikes
Herd Sheep
Jump in rivers
and read really good books.

Would you rather:

Collect golf balls or pick wildflowers?
 Went for a Sunday walk on the trail by our house.
I chose wild flowers... Evan did not.
Is stealing stray golf balls an appropriate Sabbath day activity...?

Would you rather:
Use the air conditioning....
or buy pretty things for the house?

Would you rather:
Have a baby boy Fox or a baby girl Fox? 
I hope you picked boy!
So excited for our little man!! 


  1. Awesome!!! So excited for you!

  2. Can't wait for baby boy Fox! So ecstatic for you two :) Love yall!

  3. Congratulations! That is so exciting. Little boys are the best!

  4. your house is so cute! do you live in a house or an apt?


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