Wedding Bells

This cutest friend of mine is getting MARRIED!
Tay and I met Freshman year in Professor Wadley's calculus class.
"Here's the trick....when you are about to mess up... don't."
We were the only freaks in there "just for fun" and not for our majors.
We started a study group,
decided we didn't like anyone else in the group,
kicked them all out,
 and became best friends instead.
Like Target-shopping-trip-taking Celine-Dion-song-singing best friends.
Love her.
But this post is not about us, 
it's about them!
She has found the love of her life Andrew Hansen and they tied the knot on August 14, 2012! 
Could not be more thrilled for them both.
She was sweet enough to ask me to be one of her bridesmaids so we have been having all kinds of fun 
Dress shopping...
Making decorations....
 showering her with love...

And of course the big day!!

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Hansen!


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