OWL you need is love

My sweetest cousin Heather threw me a baby shower this weekend! 


Mom and Sami flew in for the occasion, of course!


It was so fun to see so many friends and family here to celebrate our little one!

to everyone that came and for all of your sweet gifts
and to everyone who helped out with the shower.
And especially to Heath for all her hard work,
I felt completely spoiled and loved, it was perfect.
We cannot wait to introduce you to our baby boy in eight short weeks {or less if we're lucky}!


  1. So adorable! You're looking round and darling. Just as you should be.

    And, wouldn't you know, I just bought the exact same rug for our family room. Great minds think alike! :)

  2. I am so happy to see these pictures! Everything was so cute!! Heather is so creative! Sad that I wasn't there, but hopefully I get to join the shower when you have one in Texas! Counting down the days to meet the cutest nephew!

  3. Heather said "Check Kam's blog for cute pics from the weekend"... which leads me to "why does life get so hectic that I don't regularly check your adorable blog"? Good job keeping your blog up! Tell Ev good job being a great husband! Loved all the anniversary details... Can't wait for little Fox!! Loved celebrating this exciting event!!! You're the cutest little pregnant girl ever!!! ; )


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