Best Friends

1997-Please excuse the random blonde girl in Delyn's place. This was shortly before she arrived on the scene.

2001-I realize this is not all four of us together in the same photo.... but seriously? I couldn't pass up these gems!
2007- The first of hundreds of weekly lunch dates!
2012- After college, studies abroad, marriages, missions, and now babies! Love them to death.

After spending out entire childhoods together, we made a deal when we all came to BYU that we would have weekly lunch dates to stay updated on absolutely everything. We also made a list of life predictions for each other over the coming 4 years which is highly entertaining, about 97% incorrect, and so not getting posted on this blog. But at the beginning of every semester we sent each other our schedules and carved out an hour for the gossip on who we were dating( or not dating...), our roommate dramas, what we'd changed out majors to now, and anything else that seemed significant at the time. We solved a whole lot of life problems over those Subway sandwiches and soup filled bread bowls. 

Since graduating and moving around the valley it has been a lot more difficult to keep up our tradition but Veronica's sweet Mom came to visit this week and treated us all to a reunion dinner! I started tearing up just thinking of all my memories with these girls! I could never write a list of the things we have gotten each other through, it would take over my entire blog. All I can say is I could not be more thankful that we are all still together for at least a little while longer.


  1. I loved seeing the old photos of you 4! And now the current ones, bellies and all! Good for you for making the effort it takes to stay close!


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