Blessing Day

Sunday December 30, 2012 was Winston's Blessing Day! You may remember me talking about this here. I put all my thoughts and feelings about the day in a letter to Winston that will go in his baby book so he can read about all the special moments, but after some debate I decided not to post it here. It's just for us. There are rare moments in life that are so filled with joy that you feel like it's bursting out of you. I felt like that Sunday, when Evan gave our tiny baby a name and a blessing. It made me feel like I was glowing. Winston was held in a circle by his Father, Grandfathers, Uncle's, and dear friends and blessed with so many important things for his future, but most of all that he would have a heart full of charity and be like the Savior. We are beyond thrilled to have this precious baby sent from God to our little family. Thank you to everyone who came and made our day so special! And a special thank you to Richard and Marilyn for all your help and the delicious brunch afterwards. We love you!

I was in love with his blessing outfit. Look at those little buttons on the feet!
Little angel slept through the whole thing!

Best family photo we've got so far....

The men in the circle: Christian Fox, Dave Fox, Kendall Fudim, John Stockett, Richard Fox, Evan Fox, John Hutchinson, Tony DiMatteo, Brandon Fox

Four Generations
trying to get all the Fox family together... ha there are a lot of us!
And we crashed.


  1. Here I am just minding my own business at work and stumble upon this post and now I'm crying. Well done. :) That is the sweetest thing and those pictures are all to die for! You look perfect. And by perfect I mean, gorgeous, happy, welling with pride and gratitude and definite contentment on that face. Seems as though motherhood fits you (duh). Happy Birthday again sweet girl! I really am dying that you're not here, but you're going to need to plan a couple spoiling hours from me when you return. Thanks. Love you.

  2. Kamille, your little family is so cute! I was so happy to see your too-young-to-be-grandparents-parents again too. :) I think the biggest shocker was seeing how grown up and tall Sam has gotten. Another beautiful Hutchinson girl! Happy new year to all of you. You have a beautiful and blessed family, and I just love keeping up with y'all through your blog. :)


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