Holiday Highlights

1. Cousin time- There are 15 grandkids running around when we all get together so it keeps things exciting! Winston has three other boy cousins within a year of his age so we are excited for when he can actually keep up with them.
 2. Game nights- Brandon was in charge of family activities and he planned so many fun things! We had a Minute to Win It game night, glow in the dark ultimate Frisbee, a Santa Bowl, all kinds of things! This is our flexibility contest. So funny. I have to admit this is the only contest I ever won all of break. Thank you Lamar High School cheerleading!

 3. Christmas Eve- All the extended family gets together at one of the Uncle's houses for Christmas Eve. This year it was at Dave and Tillie's, its so fun to see family that lives so far away! The kids did a Nativity and Winston was supposed to have a big debut as baby Jesus but he decided he'd rather eat right that minute instead. Sorry friends!
Grandma Fox and Sons
Grandma Fox and grandkids

Grandma Fox and Great grand kids!

4. Christmas Morning-The grandkids slept downstairs to wait and see what Santa brought them. We thought this sign along with specific instructions not to go upstairs until the clock said 7:00 would hold them off. We all woke up to running feet up the stairs at 6:57.... oops! Close enough right? Winston got a bouncer seat which he loves. Evan of course got tons of Giants stuff, including a printing plate from the newspaper the day after they won the world series, very cool. I {along with Varo} made Richard a t-shirt quilt with tons of his wrestling shirts. This is his last year at Ponderosa so I thought it would be a great way to celebrate all his achievements! But I definitely took the cake with presents this year, Evan {along with both of our parents and grandparents} surprised me with my dream running stroller! Evan got the double instead of the single.... ha apparently he thinks we are having more children? I am dying to take it for a run and the minute we get out of the single digit temperatures around here Winston and I are off!

 5. Trip to San Francisco- One of the activities Brandon organized was a trip to San Francisco. Its about an hour and a half drive from Cameron Park but it was totally worth it. We loved walking around the city and seeing the sights, even with 15 kids to keep track of. Luckily Winston just hung out inside Dad's jacket all day so he was easy. Of course we had to get him a Giant's hat.

6. Lots of relaxing!- Win took over my favorite spot in the whole house. Of course he refused to sleep in the port-a-crib but one minute in the love sac next to the fire place and he was passed out.


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