Texas Debut

The official reason we went to Texas was for the wedding of this lovely couple:
Congratulations Derek and Hayley! 
Evan was the DJ at Chad and Sarah's wedding and the Spitzer's liked him so much they invited him to come back for Derek's! We were thrilled, especially since we got to see all these people I miss SO very much.
Our plane flights conveniently fell on my birthday and I was more than happy to spend it at home with all of my Texas family. They spoiled Winston and I with way too many presents, everyone was so excited to meet him!

Zander's traditional wrapping job... (I'm looking a little rough due to the plane flight... more on that next post)
He made a SF Giants baseball card holder for Win! 

These two could not get enough of him! He's ready for a cousin anytime...just saying...

 First great-grandchild!
 Everyone had to go back to work Monday but Winston and I stayed to play for a week with my Mom and Dad and Sam! I was absolutely in heaven, watching Casablanca and Gilmore Girls every night, eating at all our favorite restaurants, going running each morning and spending the rest of the time visiting with family and friends. Between friends from nursing school, high school, and church, I felt like I had Winston on parade but I didn't mind. I kind of love showing him off. It's so fun seeing  my parents turn into grandparents and I never get enough time with my baby sister. Watching her start junior high just makes me want to live close by and fill her head with all the advice I learned the hard way. We somehow didn't get a picture with my Mom in it the whole time (because she's always behind the camera...) but don't be fooled, no one loves Winston more than her! The animals were a little jealous that they no longer got everyone's extra attention and did what they could to make up for it ha. It was so nice to just be home for a while without any big event or reason, just to enjoy it.

THANK YOU to everyone who came to visit my precious little Mister, we loved seeing you! And mostly to my parents for having us, we could not have had a better time. We are headed home to write thousands of thank you notes and to start sleep training.... yikes. Wish us luck!


  1. SWEET BABY! Ahhh I am so jealous of everyone who got to snuggle him!

  2. He is SUCH a cute baby!! Being a mom is just the best thing in the world :).


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