Thanksgiving Point Half

 I ran my second half marathon this weekend at Thanksgiving Point through the tulip festival. It was gorgeous! I promised myself I would run a marathon after having a baby to lose the pregnancy weight, but it turns out that nursing alone is like a marathon for my body. I still wanted to get back into running shape so I registered for a half to give me some motivation. I was thinking I would know a handful of people running it as well, but when it came down to race week, I didn't know a single one. After training for three months I started to have a little melt down, like wait, why am I doing this anyway? No one will even know if I really ran it or not, and no one will care either way! So here's what I came up with.

I love to run
I don't run for speed or skill, for competition or awards
I'm not very good and I'm not very fast
But I love to run
I run for gorgeous scenery and animal sighting
I run for bread and chocolate {and all other forms of food for that matter}
I run for Winston's amusement
I run for neon Nikes and tank top tan lines
I run for my heart health
I run as a charitable donation to worthwhile causes
I run for strong legs and flat abs
I run for pretty toenails {Ha. Not.}
I run for emotional stability {my husband appreciates that part}
I run for loud pump up music and quiet Saturday mornings
I run for foot massages
I run for stronger friendships and for a conversation topic
I run because its free
I run for the victory of beating a hill and to say "I can do hard things"

Thanks to my sweet husband for carb loading me with a pancake dinner and cheering me on at the finish line.

Glad I went through with it.


  1. impressive. You're an inspiration to me!

  2. Agreed! Inspiration...Maybe one day I'll enjoy running longer than one block.

  3. woooohoooo!!! I wish we had been there! We DO care! Dang, I should have run with you. I love all your reasons for running. (But I have to disagree with the third one!) I hope you'll keep going with me now you've done your "hard thing!"


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