It took quite a bit of finagling to get everyone together this summer but we were finally able to snag a four day window so we took it and ran.

Day 1:

{Christian (is home!) got mad and broke the racket, ha!}
Pool Day
{Dad teaching Winston to float, presh}
San Antonio Temple
{Favorite temple, stunning. Tanner prepares for Argentina, heavenly to be there all together}

Day 2:

Grandad's Boat
{This is my childhood, pontoon and tubing adventures, Tanny and Dad in matching suits}
Family Pictures
{In front of the state capitol, see next post to read why. Winston's pretty grumpy but otherwise a success... at least I'm assuming it was until we see what Missy actually got!}

Day 3:

{Yep, she really is a grandma, I know you'd never guess}
Sing Alongs
{Joseph (duh) plus Bubba on the guitar}
Grandad's birthday
{butterscotch pie}

Day 4:

Bike rides
{42 miles through Fredricksburg}
Paddle boating
{this is difficult by the way}
Man of Steel

Days 5-10:
Turns out Winston and I do not have to take the GRE, so we sent Evan home to study and stayed to play a little longer!

Hang out time
{ Rolling Hills pool, pedicures, wagon rides}
Sorting old pictures
{literally thousands of them. Some of my faves, brotherly love and Maid Marian + Robinhood}
 Ranger's Game
{My one wish for this trip! Thanks Mom and Dad! Winston ate the entire strawberry chill...healthy}


  1. SO wonderful. It looks heavenly.

    And the San Antonio temple is probably the biggest thing I miss about living in San Antonio. That temple is absolutely incredible! So so beautiful inside.

    And it was a STRAWBERRY, that's fruit, right? ;)


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