Happiest Birthday to this guy.

Some of my favorite conversations with you recently:

{Evan} What are you wearing?
{Me} It's a maxi skirt.
{Evan} What is that, like a maxi pad?
{Me} No! You know like a mini skirt is a short skirt... a long skirt is called a maxi skirt.
{Evan} I don't think they should call it that. I'm going to call it a lirt.

{Evan} What's with the names of Mexican restaurants?
{Me} What do you mean?
{Evan} La Cucina? Seriously? That's the name of your restaurant? Do you think if people were walking around Mexico and they saw a sign for a restaurant called "The Kitchen" they would go there? No way. That's lame.
{Me} Haha okay...
{Evan} If I had a Mexican restaurant, I'd name it "Dos Amigos con Chaquetas."

{Me} (on our road trip) You have to pull over I have to go to the bathroom so bad. Seriously.
{Evan} We are only 25 minutes away can't you just hold it?
{Me} No.
{Evan} Okay well... can you pee in a bottle? Wait.... can girls even pee bottles? Is it a stream...or is it like ...a mist?
{Me} hahahahahaha

And pretty much the entire conversation we had where you demonstrated what would happen if adults all still acted like our eight month old son.

I always said you made it impossible to stop smiling, that's why I married you. Thank you for filling my whole heart with love and being the reason I look forward to every day. Hope 26 treats you well.


  1. Hahahahaha. That man is hilarious and you two are perfect!! Happy day, Ev!!

  2. A mist?!!! I cannot stop laughing at that!!!

  3. I love the lirt comment! I actually didn't know that was why it was called a maxi skirt. I too, was always reminded of a maxi pad. I feel so enlightened.


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