Called to Serve (take 2!)

Just dropped this baby brother of mine off at the Missionary Training Center! I will seriously miss having him so close by, but I am so excited for him to start this journey! And really the people getting the worst end of the deal are the teenage girls of Buenos Aires. Poor things have to look at that cute kid for two years and never get to go on a date! Tanner will be writing emails home each week and if you are interested in keeping up with him while he is gone serving the Lord, post your email in a comment below so I can forward them to you.

For my long time readers... and I know there are at least 2 of you out there including my mom... you may remember this post I did when Christian left. I asked for questions people had about our beliefs and I thought I'd do another one for Tanny boy. When one of my brothers leaves on a mission they generally have a lot of friends and family who don't share our faith come out to church or an open house to support them. I like to give y'all an opportunity to find out more about our church because I know there are all kinds of rumors flying around out there about the crazy Mormons. While they are wildly entertaining, we actually don't grow horns or drink blood or get special powers from never cutting our hair {yes people have informed me that I do those things}. So, you might want to find out if what you heard it true!

Here is your homework:


If you happen to share my beliefs feel free to post questions other people have asked you. Or maybe you don't have any questions but have heard a crazy rumor, you can post that too. Also you can leave the comment anonymously so no one will know it was you. Or if you prefer you can send it to me in a facebook message or an email to kamillefox{at}gmail{dot}com.

Don't be shy.

We're nice, see?

Well.. minus Winston. It was nap time okay.

I'll respond to the questions next week when Tanny sends home his first email, and give you an update on him as well.


  1. Kami-ye, I will engage in your Ask-A-Mormon blog game, (even though I think I spent my entire senior year already asked you every question that's ever come to my mind).
    How do you guys feel about the portrayal of things like Sister Wives and the El Paso ranch that claim to have LDS roots?
    Also, why do you all have such amazing hair?

    Love you and miss you!



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