Jedediah Smith

Last week I was standing at a water spigot scrubbing dirt and campfire soot off of Winston's exer-saucer and I thought... wow... I never would have seen my life coming to this point four years ago. But then, I do believe this is one of my favorite parts of being married. I love having a new family who teaches me all kinds of things I never would have tried on my own, like how to fishtail braid, and about this nutrition blog I can't stop reading, and most certainly how to camp with a baby. I was seriously impressed with myself for surviving the whole week which is funny because my siblings-in-law all do it with 4-6 kids each no problem. It got off to a rough start with a 14 hour drive where Winston screamed the majority of the way, followed by 4 nights in a row where he screamed all night in the tent. I thought Jedediah Smith himself was going to climb out of his grave and kick us out of the campsite to preserve the sanity of the rest of the campers. Then we shut Winston's port-a-crib in a mini van at night and things got better real fast. Love you bud! Don't call CPS okay, you don't even know. This was my second trip to the Redwoods and again I was stunned at the magnitude and the beauty of that forest. No pictures can do it justice, I literally felt like I was on a different planet. We filled the week with hiking, biking, river rafting, campfire sitting, and lots of relaxing. Brittany made the kids the cutest family reunion t-shirts of all time, we had a show down with several hives of meat bees, and ate way too many "french buns." It is seriously worth every hour of the car ride to see the Fox family light up in their childhood playground. Pure happiness. Forgive me for not being a very good camper sometimes {most times}, but I love you all dearly and I will get the hang of this thing....maybe by 2025. In the mean time I will bask in the great memories with these adorable pictures and pretend the hours of screaming never happened.


  1. This looks AWESOME. I want to camp there!! And I just died laughing at that picture of you and Evan both sleeping in the car. Rough night?? :D
    Camping/"vacationing" with children is a whole different experience, isn't it? But just wait, next year Winston will LOVE camping and you'll see how it is all worth it.

  2. I'm so jealous of this trip! These pictures are incredible!

  3. Wow! Adventures! I'm glad you all survived! Winston will be so much easier next time now that he's broken in. :) So fun to see you guys today.


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