New View, Same Air

I'm 25! I've been a little stressed about this post for some reason. I felt like I needed to share some earth shattering accomplishments or a big list of "25 Things I'll do while I'm 25," but the truth is I'm incredibly happy with where I am in my life already. I have more than I ever dreamed I'd have at the age of 25 and I wouldn't trade one tiny bit of it. The only thing that felt different about this birthday was the thought,

 "Wow, I'll be 30 in 5 years. Where do I want to be then?" 

Here's my big five year plan:

1. Try out at least 1 more nursing job. (I'm thinking the labor and deliver/ mother baby department in the hospital perhaps.)

2. Have 2 more babies... or more. But at least 2. It's all about the babies around here, y'all know that.

3. Run 3 more races, one of which must include a triathlon with as many of my family members as I can recruit.

4. Visit 4 places I've never been, two of which must include South Dakota (Evan's mission) and Disneyland (dying to see it).

5. Be in the temple with all 5 of the siblings at the same time. (Sami will only be 19 at that point so... it may be a long shot but obviously I'm voting for a mission.)

That's it. No masters degree or international moves, so this list might sound like I'm a terrible underachiever. But I just want to keep doing what has made me happy for the last 25 years. New view, same air.

Here's how we celebrated:
New spice rack, rolling pin, and coat rack. Hubs knows me well. Check out the wrapping jobs.

Breakfast with the fam- sourdough pancakes at Kneaders post birthday run

The Ice Castles in Midway followed by dinner at Spin Cafe. HUGE thank you to our babysitter.
Birthday cake by Heath at Gmas dinner the next day.

Spoiled to perfection.
Happy 25.


  1. Yay for your birthday! And I look forward to watching you accomplish all of you "before 30" goals! Be prepared to help me come up with my own in a few months! ps i ADORE your boots that I keep seeing in all your pictures!

  2. I'll babysit anytime! Love bdays and I LOVE YOU LIST! Those are some great goals and I'm looking forward to the next 2 or 3 baby foxes. :)


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