Easter Weekend

 I talked my family into coming to visit for Easter weekend... which is not particularly hard to do on any weekend but especially easy on a holiday weekend with both my Dad and Christian's birthdays to celebrate as well! Friday I got a sister date with my favorite girl, and then swimming and Brick Oven pizza for Dad. Let's not talk about the whiteness of our skin okay, I remind you we live in the frozen tundra and leave it at that. Saturday was "BIKE DAY" for the boys, both Dad and Christian were getting bikes for their birthdays and Evan somehow moved his birthday up from August to April as well...mystery. We had a dinner for Christian that night and while Winston and Mimi were at the grocery store doing some prep work, she gave him a Nutella snack to hold to distract him so she could check out. When she turned back around he had ripped it open and was shoving the chocolatey goodness into his mouth by the fistful. She had to give him a bath in the Walmart bathroom sink, ha! Then of course there were Easter festivities Sunday morning (read this article by Elder Christofferson for a beautiful testimony on the resurrection of Jesus Christ) and then they had to leave, Philadelphia by way of Dallas is a long journey home. I'll let the pictures do most of the talking for this weekend, there is just one more thing I need to share with you. Nothing says Easter at our house like Grandmother Jane's Fresh Strawberry Pie. My great grandmother Jane co-wrote a southern cookbook called "She Cooks By Ear" and this was one of her recipes. I know your Easter feast is over, but this is not something you'll want to miss out on while strawberries are still in season. Quite literally the very best pie in the world. If you try the recipe please let me know!!

 Grandmother Jane's Fresh Strawberry Pie

1 9 inch deep pie crust- prebake until golden brown and set aside to cool

8 oz cream cheese
2 Tbs powderred sugar
1 tsp almost extract
1-2 Tbs milk

Blend together until creamy and spread in the bottom of the cooled pie crust

1 1/2 lbs fresh strawberries- wash, core, and stack on top of the cream cheese base

1/2 lb strawberries thinly sliced
3/4 c sugar
4 Tbs cornstartch mixed into 1/4 C water

Place strawberries in sauce pan and cover with sugar. Cook over medium heat to almost boiling. Dissolve cornstarch in the water and stir in quickly to hot berries. Reduce heat and simmer until the glaze thickens (about 5 minutes) Remove from heat and pour glaze over the pie and allow to seep down around the berries. Don't over flow the crust, there may be more glaze than needed. Refrigerate until completely cooled and the glaze has set. Serve with fresh whipped cream.

 Just the prettiest pie you ever did see. And now I'll go enjoy the leftover piece waiting in the fridge for me. This isn't a recipe blog or anything but I'm just saying...Pin this for later :).


  1. would ya just look at your adorable little baby bump!!! I'm far past the "cute" stage and well into the "beastly" stage so I am very envious of how cute you look!!! Love that cute family of yours

  2. Cute! What a fun weekend--so glad your family came to visit!
    And I love that every post on your blog has a picture of Winston storming around in just a diaper. ;)

  3. Um, this is not the recipe I requested! Although, I may have to try this one out as well! I do expect another post with Grandma's rolls. :)

  4. When I saw that picture of Winston dressed up, leaning against the couch, my heart melted just a little bit. Can't wait for baby #2!!!

  5. haha can I just take the easy way out and come get some left over pie from your house :)

  6. I love your new blog design!!!

  7. Kam you are GLOWING. so beautiful.

  8. Kam you are GLOWING. so beautiful.


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