Winston has this horrendous alphabet book that is completely composed of cat selfies. It is truly mind boggling to me how this book ever got published, perhaps because I am not a cat person, but seriously I have about 50 ideas for a children's book that should have been published before that thing. Evan was reading it to Winston before bed the other night and we were literally rolling on the floor laughing at the ridiculous pictures of random people's cat's doing really unimpressive things like laying on the couch with a lei around its neck proclaiming "F is for flower!". But Winston likes it so here it stays. Here is our week of equally unimpressive ABC's.

A is for Awkward Apologies: Sometimes I let Winston play with my phone because he thinks its super cool that he can rearrange all the apps. I'm not an organized person so it makes no difference to me what order they're in. This week however he figured out how to make phone calls and has been FaceTiming and leaving voicemails to the most obscure names in my phonebook and I have had to explain this to said people whom I have possibly never called before in my life. Sorry!
B is for Biking: Because what else would B be for? Meet the newest member of our family, the Enduro
C is for Cubscouts: If you ever have the desire to sculpt a soap bar with a pocket knife , build a birdhouse, or play a Recycling relay race game, come on over Tuesdays at 4. I have some 8 year olds that will give you a run for your money.
D is for DIY: We are scouring the internet and our neighbors brains on how to put in our own backyard. If you have helpful information on bobcat rentals/operation, top soil, sprinkler systems, concrete pouring, or sod laying send it my way!
E is for Expecting: I'm 18 weeks pregnant and growing a baby bump faster than I'd like but so excited for a growing family.
F is for FaceTime: This is a very important part of mine and Winston's routine every morning, we have to call Mimi and chat even if its just for a second or two.
G is for Grocery Budget: My arch nemesis. There is maybe nothing I hate more than my grocery budget. I'm a price-matching, store-brand-buying, meatless-meal-planning, make-it-yourself-for-cheaper shopper but fighting the balance between what's affordable and whats healthy drives me batty.
H is for Happiness: I have felt overwhelmed this week with the blessing in my life, particularly from having a little one in the home. Children= happiness, do you believe me yet?
I is for "I can't go": It snowed the on Monday. Like blizzard actually. Winston is banging on our front door with his shoes in hand by 7:45 AM and I told him he couldn't go outside because its too cold. Now his favorite phrase is "I can't go" anytime something isn't working the way he would like.
J is for Jumping: Jumping on the bed with Winston for hours because tomorrow he'll be a day older and I can't resist that giggle.

K is for King Henry: This week, my little brother moved in to the very same apartment complex where Evan and I met 5 years ago {almost to the day!} and I have been relishing memories of my favorite summer ever.

L is for Loves: Winston is a very physical child, did you know? When he gets frustrated he expresses himself by hitting. Then we tell him not to hit, that he needs to give loves instead and so he'll come give us a hug as an apology. It's... a work in progress?
M is for Master's Degrees: Our constant search and struggle for the right decision for our family. {serious} suggestions are welcome.
N is for Nurse: I worked three out of four nights in a row this week to make up for all the play time in April, that was a new experience for sure.
O is for Out: We must go out of the house two times a day to keep Winston entertained. Lot's of times its the park or Grandma and Grandpa's because both places have swings which is Winston's happy place.
P is for Paradise: The blissful hour after dinner is done and before Winston's bedtime when Ihave my two boys all to myself and nothing to do but play.
Q is for Quote: I have been reading conference talks from the priesthood session as my scripture study this week and President Uchtdorf said to me:
"Being a disciple of Jesus Christ is not an effort of once a week or once a day. It is an effort of once and for all." 
Oh how I loved that!
R is for Reverence: We have starting having three minute FHE lessons with Winston, a scripture, a song, and a picture, the end. This week it was on prayer and he learned to fold his arms and say "amen." Melts my heart.
S is for Sickness- We've all been fighting a nasty little cold this week which is preventing me from tasting or smelling or sleeping. Boo.
T is for Tulip Festival- Last month I made the investment in an annual pass to Thanksgiving Point and we have visited the gorgeous oasis of flowers twice this week. BUY THIS PASS. It rocks.

U is for Utah- We said goodbye to some of our very best friends this week as they graduated and moved away. We're happy here...but sometimes we still feel stuck. Maybe someday it will feel like "home".
V  is for Victory- Let it be known that a Giant's win is a Fox family win. And vice versa.
W is for White Collar- our Netflix show of choice for the moment. We sneak in an episode every now and then while the baby snoozes.
X is for eXcuses-  On a particularly desperate and cold day this week we took Winston to run around in Evan's classroom (sans students). One of my favorite things to do when I am there is read the list of tardy excuses, his students have to explain why they were late and they write really awesome things like "Swag", "Doctor's Appointment- not Swag", and "Poop- a big one." Haha!
Y is for Young Men- Evan went on a camp out with the youth this weekend where they set up a projector and had a movie night in their sleeping bags.

Z is for Zero- the number of ideas I have left for blogposts, so...what do yall want to hear about??


  1. I literally check your blog EVERYDAY to see if you have posted something new! Every. Day. I just love it so much. No matter what you post, they are always amazing. Seriously.
    I have some ideas I've seen other bloggers do... "Winstonisms" where you write all the cute and funny things Winston says-or just anything he says at all! He probably doesn't say much right now... Another post you could do is "Life Lately, According to my iPhone" and just post a whole bunch of your favorite pics you've taken that month or week or last two weeks...whatever.
    Prompts like:
    10 things I believe
    what is your biggest regret
    write about a time you felt beautiful
    what got you started in blogging
    what are your biggest pet peeves
    write about your first kiss
    what takes your breath away (besides spouse and kids, that's too easy)
    I am most proud of...
    When I am sad I...
    10 songs I'll listen to for the rest of my life
    my greatest victory was...
    You do the cooking, I'll take out the trash: if roles were reversed.
    A letter to my unborn child:
    What was she thinking: write a post from the view point of Winston, about yourself
    Dear Mother in Law
    Dear Sister in Law
    Write about your worst day as a mom. If you could go back what would you do differently?
    " " " best " " .
    Describe something that Evan does better than you. Vice versa
    Tue or False. People who have more than four children cannot be adequate parents to all of their children. Explain.
    If no one ever read your blog or knew that it existed, would you continue to write?
    What is your motto in life?

    Just some ideas!!! Again, I love you and your blog so much! Thanks for posting.

  2. I have a slightly comical blog post you could do: do Winston's hair in a bunch of different hair styles-slicked back, spiked in the front, parted down middle, etc. and make a photo collage out of the photo shoot photos!


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