Annual Away Time

 While Evan was off on his Church History Tour adventures (post to follow.... I made him promise...), Winston and I flew to Philadelphia to party with Mimi, Papa, and "Manna"{ and "Beako and Kibby"}. It is a five hour plane flight and oh my it is a long five hours but with his own seat this time around, Winston did so well! I was really proud of him. Evan and I have taken separate trips once a year since we have been married and I have really loved this tradition. One, because I get to hang out with my mom and shop and go out to lunch and craft and cook and watch girly movies if I want and not have to feel bad that Evan is bored to tears. And two, because I get the kinds of sappy love texts from him around day 3 onward that I used to get all the time when we were engaged. Yes please! I had the best week. I slept in, went running {without a massive stroller} along the Brandywine river, we went to lunch, we went shopping, went to the zoo, went swimming, partied with the eighth graders of Tatnall School, made the best wreath ever for the best holiday, celebrated Sami's "moving up", and just played with Winston lots and lots. I seriously get so jealous when my friends tell me they are meeting their mom for lunch or going to stay with their parents for the weekend. Living 10 hours from Evan's parents and like 3 days from mine makes me appreciate every moment when we are together and it all feels like such a luxury. I didn't know how it would be to visit my family in PA instead of TX, but my mom already has a million friends as usual and I could swear I grew up in that house she makes it so homey, even though I'd only been once before. It's so fun ot see my Dad excited about work again too. Sami will never admit it, but I could tell she is really happy there and she's grown up a lot in the past 6 months, we ended up being there for a rather eventful week for her and I couldn't have been more proud of the young woman she is! Okay I'm kind of tearing up thinking about what a great week we had now so I'm done. Love and gratitude to my parents times a million.

P.S. We got back late Saturday night and the jet lag hit Winston hard the next day in nursery. I can't get enough of this picture.