Trimester 2

Baby Belly:
Due Date: September 30 2014
Total weight gain: 16 lbs
Definitely rocking the maternity clothes now, and for anyone interested my favorite places to find them are: The Loft- Maternity (online only), H&M (who knew!?), Target, and ASOS (online).

Eggrolls- I bought a Costco size box of them and have been adding them to our stir fry dinner once a week... Yum
Hummus- for lunch every day of course
Ice cream, Popsicles, frozen yogurt, snow cones, anything cold - I have sent Evan to Walmart more than once to buy a carton of ice cream in the evenings and I have to admit this will continue to happen without apology.

Scarlett {mine}
Cordelia {mine}
Eleanor {Evan's}
Grace {Evan's}

We had our 20 week ultrasound and found out we are having a little girl!The doctor says everything looks healthy and normal so that is wonderful news. Another highlight for me is that I am still running my 3 mile loop 4 times a week and I have no pain (except pushing a stroller with a toddler who gets heavier by the day). It is seriously glorious to still be able to go running, even though its probably an entertaining sight for the cars driving past me, it makes me feel awesome. I'm also in the early stages of designing her nursery which is for me and I can't wait to bring my plans to life.

Side Effects
The biggest side effect I've experienced this pregnancy is insanely dry eyes. My vision got blurry and my eyes were red and painful, and incredibly sensitive to the light. I've been to the eye doctor three times in the past month and basically I just have to wear my contact lenses as little as possible, use eye drops hourly, and put in ointment when I go to sleep at night like an 80 year old woman. Its really annoying because on bad days I can't leave the house or drive and my eyes alternate between moderate to severe throbbing pain.  Living in a desert and working night shifts probably doesn't help either. As soon as I embrace wearing glasses and no eye makeup and get over myself then we'll be ship shape!  Has anyone else experienced this? Tips please??  Other than that, I do still take naps with Winston but not every day and never for longer than an hour. Up until 20 weeks along I was pretty anxious because the baby is too small to feel moving around and I had no way of knowing how things were going. The anxiety pretty much disappeared after the ultra sound and the good news from the doctor, plus now she kicks like crazy and I love feeling her move inside me. Bought a new bottle to Tums this week and we are ready to take on the last trimester!


  1. You are darling! I'm so sorry about your eyes--that looks miserable!
    And way to go with running still!! You are a rockstar!

  2. Hey! I miss you!!! Ps I read somewhere to rub Shea butter all over at least anywhere you don't want stretch you do this? Or what do you do to prevent them?

    1. 1. Tell me who are are so I can say I miss you too :)
      2. I didn't get any stretch marks with Winston and I don't have any so far this time either but I've never done anything to prevent them... Maybe it's genetic?


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