Jedediah Smith Camping Trip

There once was a man named Jed
Who trapped beavers and wore their skins on his head
a trailblazer, 
a leader, 
a risk taker, 
an adventure seeker,
even a bear mauling couldn't knock Jed dead.

There once was a man named Rich
who found that wrestling was his perfect niche
a coach
 and a teacher, 
a father, 
even a preacher,
there's no one for whom you'd switch Rich.

Now Jed and Rich, they had something in common
those Redwoods they just kept a callin'
Jed and Rich heard those cries
 and couldn't let them pass by
so to the forest with a large crew they went a hauling.

Jed lived a long time ago
it's his State Park that Rich came to know
with camping
 and fishing, 
plus rafting 
and drifting,
a 37 year family tradition did grow

Each year Rich's crew keeps gettin' bigger
his grandkids explore that whole river
with campfires
 and bikes, 
 and hikes,
true happiness this trip does deliver.

So the long drive we make
and of the magic we partake
 of great memories, that river's a giver.