Happy 27

A Very Happy Birthday to the most important person in my life! 
Some of my favorite conversations with you this year:

{While trying out our new bike trailer this spring, I paused to give Winston some water. I had to hold my back tire between my knees and undo his straps while pouring water into his mouth to keep both my bike and the trailer stabilized}

Evan: Babe, you have a super nice bike. Don't you love it?

Me: Yes, I do. But I'd love it even more if it had a kickstand on it.

Evan: {Gives me a look that makes me picture my own funeral}

Me: Well it's hard when I have to stop and take care of Winston! There's not always something to lean the bike up against!

Evan: Saying you wish your bike had a kickstand is like saying you wish you could still go running with your Discman. 
{please tell me someone else did that??}

Me: No it's not, because they invented something better to replace the Discman.

Evan: They also invented something better to replace the kickstand. It's called "coolness."

{While driving home from a date in SLC we passed the "Cedar Hills" sign}

Evan: {busts out singing} C&H, C&H, Mama uses it to bake her cakes.... she makes the greatest cookies cakes and candy...fine and dandy!

Me: What the...

Evan: It's from an old commercial, haven't you seen it?

Me: No.
{Here's the video for those of you who may have also missed out. 
Sorry, doesn't work on mobile devices but it is hilarious.}

{He now sings this song every single time we drive back into Cedar Hills and pass that sign}

Evan: What are you reading?

Me: It's an article on "7 Life Lessons you Learn from Running". But its super lame. 

 {He takes the article and skims over the very cliche list that says things like "To make it to the finish line you just have to put one foot in front of the other"}

Evan: I could have written something better than this, and I don't even run.

Me: Really, what would you write?

Evan: "Always wear spandex. That way you won't get caught up on anything."

And last but not least:

Thanks for letting us celebrate with you this weekend, here's to another year! Have the very best day!!


  1. I am so sad I missed this cake! Love this post though. Why is Ev so funny?


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