Here's to Our Fourth Year!

This year we:

Watched Chuck and White Collar like true Netflix junkies

Did a serious iTunes purge
 {do you even KNOW what that song is talking about...}

Fought about what color Christmas lights to buy for the tree

Broke a mirror for 7 years good luck

She perfected homemade bread but not hardboiled eggs

He learned how to fix bikes and garage doors

She can't stand how his clothes are all over the house

He can't stand how her hair always clogs the shower drain

She loved using up all his vacation days together

He loved watching her become a "real" mom

We finished the Book of Mormon 5 times collectively

Went on some amazing dates
{live TV recording of Studio C, sleepover in Park City with the seminary crew, One Republic Concert, Ice Castles in Midway}

Got denied by one masters program and accepted by another

Dramatically felt the blessings of paying tithing
{what do you mean there's nothing wrong with the car...}

And decided to keep growing our little family!

Goals for year 5:
 Meet our precious baby girl
Survive the first year of this masters program with two jobs, a {nearly} two-year-old and a newborn baby to boot.

We are crazy and happy.
And crazy happy.

Biggest thank you to Chris and Sarah for watching Winston so we could celebrate this weekend!


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