Xterra Triathlon

I was so excited when Evan decided to do a triathlon, I love races and I have been wanting him to experience that kind of adrenaline for years! He found a perfect fit in the Xterra triathlon which is a mountain biking triathlon instead of the traditional road bike kind. It was September 20th and I joked that I hoped Cosette would wait that long (assuming we'd have no problem since it was three weeks before her due date). Well she didn't, and we were crazy to go, but I couldn't bear the thought of no one being at the finish line for Ev, it is a big deal! Thank goodness my mom was here otherwise we never would have made it.

Finishing the run thanks to the bearded man with the magic mystery pills! You'll have to ask Evan about this story, so funny.

You should always get a prize at the finish line right? Well I made him a candy gram like a 16 year old girl. What can I say, I had a baby four days earlier, even this was pushing it!

Winston clearly parched from all our exhausting waiting.

 Came in 8th in his age group, so proud of you babe! You did it! 
Can't wait to join in with you next race.


  1. Proud of that Ev, butttt I have to say that you and two kids THREE days (remember you had her at almost midnight) after delivery supporting him is something I'm more proud of! :) Moral of the story: you're the VERY BEST WIFE EVER! PS...Good job, Ev! xoxo


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