A Thanksgiving Recipe

5 kilometers Pilgrim Run (or walk as needed)
65 inches football, Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade, or Ninja Turtles (optional)
12 Bottles Martinelli's sparking cider (do not shake)
1 crazy two year old (un-photogenic is best)
1 snuggly baby 
17 places set at Grandma's table
1,000,000 Christmas lights spread neatly across Thanksgiving Point
7 Sibling gifts, individually wrapped
A sprinkle of Taylor Swift car dancing
2 ping pong paddles (preferably unchewed) for Around the World
3 train cars for a visit to Santa

Combine ingredients on one big comfy couch for 4 days using lots of love and excitement.
Yeilds 1 extremely memorable holiday weekend.

See photo demonstration below.


  1. Yes. I check every day. And yes, I love when you post. These pics are amazing and that weekend (the parts where we mixed families) was too much fun!! Love you all.

  2. What a cute and creative post Kam! We loved every single minute of it and are so thankful for all the planning you did and for having us! :)


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