Christmas with the Foxes

Oh how we love our trips to California! Someday when I become a real grown up and stop losing every camera I've ever owned we will take better, beautiful pictures of our adventures but for now our cell phones will have to do. Some highlights from our two weeks there over the holidays:

The Sacramento Zoo and Fairytale Town had free admission on Christmas Eve. Hailing from Utah with all the rest of the cheapskates in the world, we were a little nervous it would be mobbed {because if anything is ever free here it's not even worth it to go!} We took the chance and I am SO happy we went! It was so much fun, Winston loved it and so did we. We didn't get the memo we were supposed to wear our pajamas though, I've never seen so many adults in fleece onesies in my life! Maybe next time....

 The Christmas Eve party was at Brandon and Brittany's house this year and Evan gave his parents their present there {the camping video} so everyone who was on the trip with us could watch. Such a fun way to capture memories!

Santa came!!
We planned a date night with all of Evan's siblings and went roller skating and left all the kids at home ha! I couldn't believe we were doing that but it was a blast, I believe we will be recruiting friends for a rollerskating group date here sometime soon!

 Miss Cosette met lots of family, including both her great grandmothers
 Evan and his boys trips... Camping at Folsom Late for the night

 Another fun group activity we did was a family bike ride and picnic at Negro Bay, I got the running stroller with these two angels.

One of my favorite traditions when we go to visit Evan's family is a day in San Francisco. Oh how I love that city! This year it was just Ev and Cosette and I, we explored Golden Gate Park and I could have been there for a week. Ghiridhelli Chocolate factory hot chocolate was another star of this part of the trip, It was worth the drive alone.

New Years Eve was a whole lot of food and games, we played "Head's Up!" and Scategories and toasted to 2015.

Looking forward to a new year!


  1. Random-we were at the sac zoo on Christmas Eve too! It would have been fun to run into you guys :) Best wishes for 2015!


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