7 Billion

We did it. It took three months of strategic planning and two babysitters in two different cities but we went on a real date with no kids. Evan gave me tickets to see our favorite artist Mat Kearney for Christmas and I've had them taped to our bathroom mirror since then in anticipation! It was so strange to park our car and get out without a car seat or a bag full of sippy cups and diapers, no one strapped to my chest or sprinting into the road. Sending hallelujahs to our favorite babysitter McKayla who kept Winston oh so happy, she's the very best {we're talking bike riding, pinterest crafting, cleaning my microwave type best}.  Sending even more to my sweetest friend Kirsten who volunteered to watch Cosette, she conveniently lives in downtown SLC by our concert venue so I could feed my stubborn angel and still see the show in between. There is nothing like live music and a little Lacoste cologne to remind me of that falling-for-you feeling for my mister. 
"Seven billion in the world baby, I only wanna be with you."

How much do you pay your sitters? I've been told everything from $2/hr to $10/hr!

Do you listen to Mat Kearney? Any suggestions for similar artists?


  1. I just discussed this with some of my mom friends. We've always payed $10/hr. Even when we had one baby and it was all day (8 hours). Some of my friends insist that if the baby is sleeping or the kids just watch movies, you should pay less, but it's still the babysitter's time you are reimbursing them for. They could be doing a lot of other things. If the sitter is one you want to keep and they are over 16, I would always pay at least $10/hr. Not sure about younger sitters yet. Oh ya, and one of my friends suggested to come up with a formula like $5+ $2/child/hr. Not a bad idea...


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