Cosette: 6 Months

 Happy six months to our itty bitty! Cosette continues to be an absolute doll. She is a happy, snuggly little girl with the brightest blue eyes and lashes for days. She is just the most calm and relaxed child, she goes along with whatever we are doing and is just thrilled to be part of it. She is starting to get mobile with a funny inchworm crawl and lots of rolling, but lets be honest she doesn't spend enough time on the floor to make any real progress yet anyway. She still prefers mama's arms or somewhere she can stand and jump jump jump. She loves to get thrown in the air and thinks her big brother is pretty darn funny as long as he's not yelling. She's the apple of her Daddy's eye, he is oh-so-in-love with this lady as he should be. She's still waking up to eat twice a night but she got a "Cry it out" prescription order from her pediatrician today so I'm not looking forward to sleep training this week. She's just making the transition to size 2 diapers and is a big fan of bananas and oranges, although she's not terribly coordinated so eating is a bit of a struggle. We're going to continue with BLW and she'll catch on soon enough. 


13 lbs 8 oz
(6 %tile)
24 inches long
(0.6 %tile)

Favorite Things:
Northface Baby Bunting- Cosette got this as a gift and she has literally worn it at least 5 times a week since she was 6 weeks old and we started running. It is incredibly soft and cozy and she stays toasty warm for all our outdoor activities.

Snot Sucker-  This is an absolute must for everyone with a baby. It works way way better than those bulb syringes they give you at the hospital plus its much more sanitary because you can actually clean it out. Cosette has been sick more than we would have liked the past couple months and this has saved us. Buy this.

Backpack: I have a beautiful leather diaper bag but in preparation for our trip to Texas this month I bought a backpack and I am never going back. This is so much easier to drag along, I still get both my arms and its much lighter. Love it!

Women's Suede and Canvas Backpack with Magnetic Closure - Mint


Trip to ER- Cosette got RSV from Winston and this particular night her respiratory rate was 62 and she was grunting to breathe. After a call to my favorite nurse for a second opinion I took to to the ER for deep suctioning and she was instantly so much better. Look how sad she looks!

 Solid food- Oranges

Plane ride- I was so thankful to have this beauty along on the trip. She just smiled and flirted with all the other passengers on the planes which I think is the only reason they let us stay despite her big brothers tantrums. If she wasn't making new friends she just nursed and went to sleep. Perfection.

Sibling Moments:

 Love when I catch them playing together {especially if I don't have to intervene!}

Feeding baby sister her first doughnut!

 Two babies is such a very fun place to be.


  1. Gaaahhhh!!! She is totes adorbs. Also I'm having a lot of fun clicking the ads on your blog, just so you can earn a few more cents on the side.

  2. She is so cute!
    Where did you get your backpack? I've been looking for one for a while, but haven't found one I like.


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