East Coast

Our babies are the luckiest kids around and got to stay with my parents while Evan and I were in the DR. My mom spoils them rotten and loves every minute of it. She sent me this when we were making plans and I laughed so hard because it was just so fitting, especially the electronics and the chocolate milk.... They adore their Mimi!

After our trip we got to sneak in on the fun and spent a day with my Dad and Tanner in New York. We rode the ferry from Staten Island past the Statue of Liberty, and went to the 9/11 Memorial and Museum- which was absolutely incredible and humbling, I personal found it a beautiful way to pay respect to the victims of the tragedy. Then we saw Finding Neverland and are still singing the songs at the top of our lungs. What an inspiring, fun show!

I think my parents will always be Texans at heart but I sure love visiting the new life they are a part of out on the East Coast. They are just the warmest most generous people so they make lifelong friends everywhere they go. Besides feeling enormously grateful for their gift of our trip and watching our kids, we just feel so lucky to be associated with them in any and all contexts! Thank you Mom and Dad, over and over again for everything.