Wedding Weekend

      The most anticipated event of the summer! Christian and Jessica's wedding!

Part 1: The prep- Watching Winston get fitted for a tuxedo was hilarious, like most things in Winston's life. Cosette loved her dress, she just stared at herself! Such a doll.           

Part 2: The plane flight- Road trips and airplanes have one rule: "Unlimited Screen Time." The end.

Part 3: Catching up with best friends. Many of our very favorite friends (and family members) left us here in Utah and we miss them terribly. The wedding weekend was a much needed chance to reconnect.

 Part 4: Family Pictures/ Rehearsal Dinner- This night was so fun! Having already brought a new comer into the family, I know very well that there can be a little "culture shock". My siblings and I came up with this genius idea to give Jessica a "Hutchinson's Essentials Kit" to welcome her to the family and ease the transition. We each presented and explained our gift at the dinner, it was a highlight for me for sure!

Zander- Joseph and the Technicolor Dream Coat {we watched this nearly every Sunday growing up}, The Princess Bride {my Dad quotes it daily}, and our family night song book {Jumbo, The Funny Giraffe, etc}
Beca- "Hutchinsonisms" book. Beca made a book of all our ridiculous quotes, sayings, and inside jokes that Jess needs to be familiar with. It's especially funny coming from Beca since English is her second language, so hearing Zander say words like "shanked" and "junky" was a bit confusing at first!
Kamille- A pizza stone- we make a lot of homemade pizza around here and always make heart shaped pizza on Valentine's. Jess had her audition earlier this year and passed so she earned her own stone.
Evan- Rainbows and GPS lessons- The best flip flops around for our annual family reunions at the beach {my mom's personal heaven} and how to work a navigational system as my family {parents included} still have a difficult time "trusting" the machine to tell them where to go and often resort to following each other and getting lost instead- case in point this happened the very next day on the way to the temple.
Tanner- A Texas shaped waffle iron- because we are obsessed with Texas and must be reminded of our home land at any available opportunity.
Sami- A flashlight and a nerf gun- When we get together we always have nerf wars, my mom has an entire closet full of guns and darts waiting for us to arrive for the holidays. We also play a funny version of hide-and-go seek called Pooh that required flashlights. "Don't mind the name" as my sister says!

 Part 5: The Bachelor Party- Go Kart racing dressed up as Mario, naturally. If you know Christian at all, you can see by now that this weekend was basically his dream come true.

 Part 6: Wedding day!!!!!! Getting ready, on the way to the temple, and after the sweet ceremony which is all that matters out of the whole bit!

 The happy Mr. & Mrs.! Aren't they pretty? Man that's one good looking couple!

 My cute boy in his mini tux. Let's just say weddings aren't designed with babies in mind and maybe next time we'll approach the whole thing differently. But he did sure love the dance floor and rocked it all night long! Thanks to everyone who helped with our littles!
Christian and the groomsmen did a dance to get the party started, it was so very entertaining.

 Daddy daughter dancing just melts your heart! The best part of the whole weekend was having so many people I love in one place at the same time! Oh how I wish I could gather them more often but it sure was a joy to see them for a little bit.