Loud Noises

We have had lots of family staying with us recently while my younger siblings and cousin awaited the start of BYU. Yesterday was their first day of school and I worried momentarily that the house was going to feel oh-so-empty with the three of us here and everyone else back to their routines....

the kids oatmeal is done cooking in the microwave and now must be put in the freezer for the little Goldilocks children
Cosette's awake and starving
Winston is rather skillfully playing his drum, but one wasn't enough so the empty oatmeal container becomes a snare and the left over hot chocolate can turns into a cymbal.
the bread dough is done rising and needs to be rolled out and put in pans
Cosette is helping with the dishes and I don't take the plate away soon enough... well there are still 11 of those left.
Winston's very eclectic playlist is serenading our chaos in the background- today's lineup includes "I Don't Dance" from High School Musical 2 and "Thunder" by Boys Like Girls
I drop an iron skillet on my foot while searching for the appropriate sized mixing bowl
Cosette finally gets the best of that Nordstrom balloon that came with her first pair of shoes
My text-tone sounds as my siblings send first days of school selfies on our family text

On second thought, I'd say the three of us fill this space just fine.
Happy September!
Here's to more noisy mornings!