Sweet as a Peach

Birthday's should be celebrated in waves right? Well that's how we did it. Wednesday was Cosette's actual birthday so she got to open her presents and watch her video which is without question my very favorite gift my husband ever gives. Winston picked out this sparkly baton at the dollar store to give to Cosette and apparently that ranked pretty high on the scale as well...

Friday we had the family party! Peach themed of course because last year about a week after she was born, we went to the farmers market and bought the most delicious peaches I have ever tasted in my life and now I always associate them with her birth. Plus this girl really is the sweetest.

 Best part of the party- Our visitors!! Harper and Cheyenne had flown in the night before and then my Mom surprised us all and snuck into town just in the nick of time!

So much peach food... recipes here. We did the peach pulled pork, peach salsa, and blueberry peach salad.
 Cosette was so dainty about her cake, I put the whole massive thing on her high chair and she just touched it with one tiny fingertip at a time and licked a little frosting off over and over.  Then we opened more presents and watched her movie again and you should too. {in the right sidebar}

The rest of the weekend was a big fat cousin party {for me and for the littles...and maybe more for me!} Provo Rec swim stop, Chalk the Block, and a good dose of Cougar spirit.

Did you ever think you would get so much joy out of wearing matching shoes? Yep.