Winston: 3 Years

Our little man continues to be bubbling over the top with life. He is absolutely and completely obsessed with basketball and spends an average of three hours a day shooting hoops on the back porch and in the basement. He prefers to have High School Musical's "get your head in the game" playing on repeat in the background if I let him. We had to leave the house one day and he just couldn't bare to part with his hoop so I drew a picture of one and taped it on the back of the headrest in my car. He was thrilled! He is also still very passionate about music and has killer dance moves. When he hears a new song he asks you to play it over and over until he has memorized the words and for that reason I've tried to introduce him to a lot more primary songs. He loves hearing Grandma Hutchinson play them on the piano and sits by her to sing along and help play. We started a little preschool co-op this September with some of his neighborhood buddies once a week which I have enjoyed and he says the whole time we walk to school "thank you mom thank you" for letting him go! He knows the great majority of his letters, know his numbers but is still a little iffy on counting, and continues to memorize whole books so he can "read to me." He gets really excited about seeing his cousins and when he gets to watch movies, and he gets real real mad when things don't go his way. We've had some serious behavioral issues with anger and screaming this fall but I was able to talk to a dear friend who is a counselor with lots of experience helping with this kind of thing and I'm determined and hopeful that we will overcome them together (long post on this later). He is mostly potty trained... He was completely potty trained for a couple months but recently started wetting the bed a few nights a week so we'll keep working on that too. A couple weeks ago we tried to go for a family hike, it was pretty cold out so we got everyone dressed in their warm gear, packed food and water, drove 45 minutes to one of my favorite spots,Strapped on our baby pack and we were ready to go. We went about 30 feet up the trail when Winston said "I have to go potty" and proceeded to spread his legs and let loose exclaiming  "look I'm peeing in the rocks!" ...Minor detail he forgot to pull his pants down first. so he was soaked and since it was 30 degrees outside I couldn't make him go pants less. the hike was over and Evan and I just laughed the whole way home and the ridiculousness of the whole day. We like to go and visit Evan at work about once a week, sometimes we take a lunch or sometimes we go in the evening when we run out of things to do (it's really hard to entertain two toddlers for 12 hours every day). One day we were sitting in Evans office while he had gone to help another teacher with something. The phone kept ringing and Every time winston says "that's dad! " And I would say no it's not dad, that's not for us. The third incoming call- same routine: it's dad! No win its not dad, it's not for us. Then he gets a new idea "It's Jesus! "Pretends to answer the phone "Hello Jesus! Okay! K bye!" He was very please with himself. He's making very slow progress at playing better with Cosette and they love to chase each other around and giggle, he calls it "playing Silly Goose". Another favorite spot has been our neighbor Joshua's trampoline, he spent a lot of time out there this summer. Winston is a great eater and loves bananas, oatmeal, green smoothies, and quesadillas best but he'll eat basically anything I make as long as he's hungry and can sit still long enough. He loves treats as much as me and we never miss a day without eating something sweet.
Height 38 inches (65th%tile)
Weight 37 lbs (90th %tile)
Clothes 3t-4t

Favorite things:
Fisher price basketball hoop- obviously

Sticks- basically anything that he can use as a sword and I had a whole menagerie  of them confiscated on top of my fridge after getting hit one too many times (train tracks, a stacking puddle peice, the pretend frying pan, his guitar, a drum stick, etc) 

Elephants blanket- he has two of these but he'll on use the one that has holes in it, heaven knows why so he better never lose it!

Duplos- he's starting to get an imagination which is really fun to see, his latest creations includes the "great and spacious building" and a camera he built and then had me and Evan sit on his floor and pose while he dressed us up with giants glasses and teddy bears and took pictures


Sitting on my lap reading a book and looks up at me
"Hey mom you have a booger in your nose. Let me get it"(sticks his finger up my nose)

Veterans Day - flags all over our neighborhood 
"Look mom it's a flag!"
"Yes that is the flag. What flag is that?"
"It's Captain Americas."

Cosette has a horrific blow out  all the way up to her shoulder blades and he watched me strip her down and clean her off in the bath. He ran to tell Evan,

"Dad she pooped, she pooped all day! Oh my gosh! She pooped all day Dad."



Sibling Moments: