We have a basketball hoop downstairs in the basement, one on the back porch, one in Winston's room, one in our driveway, and one in Daddy's office for the days we meet him for lunch. Winston uses all of them every single day. We listen to songs about basketball, wear clothes that have basketballs on them, read books about basketball, watch YouTube basketball videos, go to basketball games, draw pictures of basketballs, and when possible eat food that looks like basketballs. It was no question what we would do for Winston's party this year as he literally plays basketball for three hours a day most days of the week. We went to the church gym, brought all the baskets, balls, and cousins we could muster, and played hoops for hours. He was in heaven and asks to do it again regularly. I also felt a basketball piƱata was a necessity since it seemed like the only appropriate time for Bam Bam here to smash something to smitherines as he loves to do. If he keeps this up much longer we'll have to challenge Trickshot Titus to a game of horse and make a few YouTube videos of our own! Basketball. It makes him So.Dang.Happy.