Cosette: 16 Months

 We praise heaven every day for sending us this sweetheart! Cosette brings so much happiness to our home. She is full of smiles and kisses and loves to be chased and giggle about it. She is still a mama's girl most of the time and she's started giving a very nasty looking scowl to anyone who tries to take her away from me. Its pretty hilarious to see that tiny little face fill up with sass. She's learned tons of words, a few favorites of which are "Minnie" and "uh-oh" and "All gone". One of my favorite things she does is try to blow on all the food we give her to cool it off, even if it's not warm at all. She eats ALL DAY LONG and her favorite food is whatever happens to be on your plate. She loves swinging, bath time, and playing with her brother until he turns into a bully. She's easily impressed and entertained which makes it fun to take her along everywhere I go, she just points to things and makes excited noises/words. Her hair is still a serious struggle and she may be 5 years old by the time we can attempt a pony tail. She's made a lot of progress getting used to the snow and gets a real thrill out of sledding now. She's started climbing everything, she loves to get on top of the dinner table while I have my back turned and then when I spot her she laughs and says "No no no". She is fearlessin the water and tries to swim away from me the entire time we are at the pool. When I rock her to sleep at night she sings along to he primary songs with me and it's one of my favorite moments of the day. She is still so very small and it makes everything she does that much cuter, its crazy to see such a tiny human grow into a personality and learn so many new things.

{candles video}

Diapers- Size 3
Clothes- 12-18 months

Favorite Things
Balloons- Adores them.

Minnie Mouse- All things Minnie! Which explains her Christmas presents. I'm not really even sure how she fell so hard for Minnie because they don't watch a whole lot of her on TV or anything but every time she see's her doll she's thrilled all over again.

BabyLit Books- Cosette has all the sudden fallen in love with reading and these books are her very favorite. She has the Secret Garden and the Pride and Prejudice one and she laughs every time you get to her favorite page.
The Secret Garden

Dirty Dr. Pepper- proud moment for me

Prayer- proud moment for Evan

Siblings Moments
{stroller video}


  1. I adore this sweet little princess! How i wished we lived closer!!!

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