My leading ladies

Chicken Soup for the Soul...You know those feel-good books that came out in the early 90s? I remember seeing one next to my moms bed and being so curious about what that meant and then later feeling so cool that I had my very own copy, Chicken Soup for the Kids Soul. I spent this past weekend with the leading ladies of my childhood and that's precisely how I'd describe it.

Early in January as I was brainstorming ideas for putting my resolution into action, I got this wild thought to attempt a 12 hour road trip with two toddlers and get this gang back together. We've had the occasional google hang out chat since our last meeting up in October 2012 but it was well past time to see each other in person again. Jessie had just bought a new house in Vancouver, Washington, and with gas prices making me want to high five the cashier every time I filled up it just felt like perfect timing. I texted Veronica to see if she'd be interested in driving cross country with me and my littles and I was totally shocked when she enthusiastically agreed! And equally shocked when I texted Delyn with a months notice and she bought a plane ticket the next day. This was really happening!We drove to Boise Wednesday night when Veronica got off work and then finished the drive by early Thursday afternoon. Delyn flew in Friday night.

Highlights of the trip included seeing Jessie's new home and all her renovation plans, homemade donuts, checking out the Vancouver Library, a great Riverdance debate, lessons on sourdough and a souvenir start, spending a day hugging trees at the Portland Discovery Museum and World Forestry Center, food trucks, and seeing our babies play together. But really the chicken soup was all about our long-drive and late-night chats. There's just nothing quite like laughing and crying until 2 AM with the people who helped you slay all your childhood dragons. We've grown up and life has taken all of us on our separate paths but there is a corner of my heart that will forever and always be filled only by these girls from the Arlington First Ward.


  1. I love love love that you girls got together, how fun!


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