Favorite Things

 Altra running shoes: I switched to this brand a couple of years ago and I don't believe I'll ever be able to run in another shoe. Two things make them amazing- the "zero drop" style which means the toe and the heel are completely level rather than the heel being slightly higher than the toe. This is a more natural position for your foot to be in when running (think barefoot without the pain of actually being barefoot) and it strengthens your muscles in your feet and your calves over time to encourage a forefoot running form (think easier on the knees which means more miles for you).I can actually see a difference in my calves since I have switched to these shoes, my muscles are much more defined. The other thing I love about them is the "foot shaped toe box" which means they are wider at the toe than traditional running shoes. I have to admit I had a hard time with this at first, I felt like it made them look like orthotics.  But after I put them on and I tried to put back on my previous favorite brand of shoe I couldn't do it! It makes them crazy comfortable and the wider toe box gives your forefoot more space to spread out and results in a more powerful push off with each stride. And now I sound like a total nerd but for real I love these shoes.

The Small Seed: I've been reading this blog for a while now and I just have to share it with you! I love their ideas and projects, it's a faith based blog about how to put your beliefs into action in a realistic way. My favorite section is their "traditions of faith"- yesterday I came across an old post about a twist on Easter baskets to keep the holiday a little more Christ centered. This family makes an Easter basket for a widow in their neighborhood and puts a tag with a scripture on each item in the basket (for example- a candle with the scripture attached "let your light so shine"... Etc). I think I'm going to take it a little further and actually wrap the items in my kids baskets and write the scripture on the outside so they have to read it before they play. When they are older I think I'll even just write the reference, I'd love to see all my littles searching through their scriptures on Easter morning to find the verses that correlate with their treasures. Check this blog out, they've got inspiring things going on every month.

Fajita Marinade: My mom made fajitas almost every week when i was growing up and I could literally drink this stuff. I'm headed to Texas in a couple of days and you better believe I won't be back without a suitcase full of it! Will you come to dinner when I make it next time? You won't be disappointed.
Figaro Fabulosa Fajita Marinade, 8-ounce Platic Bottles (Pack of 3)

My cousin Haley: I am so so so excited for this girl who just got her mission call the Ukraine! It has been such a treat to have her at BYU this year and get to know her hilarious personality. I've loved bonding over running issues and Grandmas dinners. Evan did a temple prep FHE for her and her roommates who are all leaving soon on missions and I have so loved being able to help her get ready, I'm learning a lot myself. I'm completely living vicariously through her since I didn't serve myself, I can't wait to start getting her letters.

Jaanuu Scrubs: ok embarrassing truth- one of the hardest parts of choosing nursing as a career for me was the scrubs. I hated looking like a frump every single day! We now have a solution,medical friends-you have to buy these scrubs. They are by far the cutest ones I've ever seen and they are just as comfortable as my greys anatomy pairs I've been wearing the past 4 years. Use this code SHARE30 for 30% off and buy them now. They make me more excited to go to work, and I get compliments from all my patients.

The Tulip Top

Looking up by SafetySuit : life has been a stressful confusing mess at the Fox house for the past month or so (see previous post) and I'm putting my headphones in and blasting this song from now until I figure out the solution.


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