Glass House

This house has a secret- that window behind us is fake. Behind those blinds you'll find drywall and a staircase. You can't open the window at all! The quirks are what make your place a home- our first apartment had a toilet inside our bedroom closet- affectionately named Closet John. Our next place had glitter ceilings and if you stood in the right spot when you opened the fridge, the metal strip on the floor and the metal handle on the mustard appliance would connect and send a shock through your body! This pretty place mostly speaks for itself- its quirks are few as its new and beautiful but it's been home nonetheless. Living in a show worthy house with two toddlers however is not on my list of favorite things to do. They could feel my stress level raising as they fingerpainted their yogurt on the kitchen table every morning, so we spent a lot of time anywhere but here. We would try and do mornings like normal- then the kids would watch Sophia the first while I re-cleaned everything and packed up our lunch and swimsuits, then we hit the pool for 3-6 hours depending on how many people texted me that day to say they wanted to come look. we invaded the Provo Fox house way too much, took naps in cars, ate dinners out or at Grandmas, most of their toys packed up- the best way I can describe what it feels like to have your house on the market with babies- it's like reliving the final days of a pregnancy over and over and over. Make. It. Stop! It's funny the things you take offense to when people don't want to buy your home. Out of 21 showings, most people said nothing, some said its just too small, and our favorite comment was "we smelled a hint of vinegar- not interested." We laughed about that for days. (I make my own cleaning products because hi grocery budget and I like knowing what chemicals I'm slathering all over since my children lick the floors.) After a month we finally got the right offer and we're under contract. We hope this new family loves the place as much as we have! We hope they stop to pet Fritz when he comes out for a walk, and they wave to Wyatt as he pumps his bike around the neighborhood 8 million times with super human leg strength. I wonder how long it will be before they discover our hand prints in the back patio or if they'll ever figure out a good way to handle the penny tile on the shower floor. Most of all I hope they like salsa because here come the peppers!