Here's to our 6th year!

In year 6:

-He hates how she never gets a cavity
-she hates how his work out time estimates are never accurate
-he Lost some hair on his head and made up for it on his chin
- she got reacquainted with clip less pedals and her mountain bike (but not at the same time)
- We Most often got asked "so what are you going to do now?"
- she Read a lot of parenting books 
- Best dates: Tim McGraw Concert, Country dancing, Joseph and the Technicolor dream coat
- Spent a significant amount of time at the temple
- Upgraded to a king bed and finally feel like real adults
- Pretended to be a one car family
- Pretended to be a dog owning family
- Learned the true meaning of "for better and for worse" and how to choose each other every single day