Slumber Party in Tahoe

I married a guy who will never grow up- and with every passing year I appreciate that more. He makes me laugh so hard- like how he describes the size of our lot by saying "When I fart in my backyard- my neighbors can smell it." He's a problem solver- he got tired of me complaining about how no one would work in the church nursery with me so he volunteered himself- even though he already had an additional calling. He totally get's my need for unconventional presents- this year for Mother's Day he learned to bake bread for me, a gift I have taken advantage of since! 

For his 29th birthday, he requested a sleepover with his childhood BFF and I was more than happy to oblige. These two are our people- the ones who get it. Birthday festivities included catching up on all of life's details, beach volleyball, karate poses at sunset, reliving way too many teenage stories, pizza and live music at a hoppin place downtown, a constant flow of movie quotes, Heavenly Donuts on the pier, and solving most the world's problems. Tahoe is the definition of dreamy- we hadn't been back since our honeymoon but in my dream world I own a cabin there and visit it at least 3 times a year.