Winston: 4 years (+2 months)

 I am really enjoying this stage with Winston. He has finally grasped a few of the concepts I have been chanting like a madwoman over the past 12 months- "use your words" most specifically. Not mastered the concept by any stretch of the imagination- but grasped it which is a gigantic relief. His imagination is exploding with possibilities, he spends hours "fighting bad guys" and corrals Cosette into his antics as often as she'll allow. Basketball is still a daily activity as well. This kid thrives on routines and we must have a banana, a bowl of oatmeal, and a scrambled egg every single morning for breakfast to start the day off right. A big change we made last fall was eliminating screen time from our lives as much as possible. We now have Friday night movie nights and the rest of the week screen time is kept to an absolute minimum. This has really helped with his addictive and violent behavior patterns and really allowed his creativity to blossom. I am fairly certain Winston has a photographic memory as he memorizes every logo he has ever seen and loves to memorize and then recognize words on signs. He would spend hours on the couch with me every day reading books if he had his choice, and continues to be very social requiring play dates as often as possible. Thankfully he is still napping daily and I am savoring it because I know my days are numbered! Dad is his absolute hero and obsession so we have starting doing Father/Son dates since Evan is currently swamped and not around to play as much as he would like. He struggles with anxiety and intense emotions but they're also what bring him (and us) so much joy so we are working through it. He and Cosette spend hours danging to music every day, their current favorite is the soundtrack from Disney's Moana. We read the Book of Mormon as a family together every morning and Winston insists on having his book open to a picture of Nephi with Laban's sword, no matter what we are reading about. He loves babies and is very sweet with them when they are around so I am excited to see him get another shot at being a big brother.

Favorite things: legos (building lego guns more specifically), swords, basketball
Size: 4T-5T
Weight: 39 lbs
Favorite Primary Song: Nephi's Courage
His Current Goal: to earn enough allowance to buy a potato gun
Best recent quote: "Mom, when I turn five can I get a motor boat?"