February Cheers

Maybe working through the winter means a toast to every month? Raising my hot pink RTIC tumbler brimming with ice water and clanking my glass to:

the Valentine's Monster who attacks with kisses
making it through three consecutive months of cold season sans antibiotics
establishing blueberry pancake Saturday's
seventy degree weather- In all seriousness, aside from His Son, warm days in February could be God's greatest gift to mankind
tax returns-and more specifically figuring out how to do our taxes involving a home sale, a home purchase, and residency in two different states all on my own. Whew.
Evan and I winning the "Newlywed Game" at a couples party - road trip bonding pays off
pigtails- thought I couldn't love that little girl anymore and then these happened
partially painted kitchen cabinets
discovering the only hill in West Lafayette (or Indiana?) big enough to sled down.