President's Day Weekend Visitors!

Three of my most favorite people came to visit us this weekend and we felt so loved! Heather flew in Thursday afternoon and Mom and Sami finally made it around 11:30 that night by way of Chicago. We didn't have a whole lot on the agenda- besides catching up and enjoying each other. Sami is 17 and in the thick of junior year of high school- I swear 17 was the worst year of my life and hearing her high school drama lately brings back my own anxiety and angst that was 2006. Hopefully she felt a little refreshed getting to see what lies ahead for her- so much happiness! We got to show them around Purdue campus, try out some crazy D.T. Kirby's burgers (pretzel bun for the win) plus the world's largest Pac Man game next door, and play a ton of baseball with Winston. The weather was spectacular for February which was the best surprise. This Fox family oddly enough still hadn't ventured into Indianapolis at all, so Heather and the kids and I spent the morning exploring downtown before her flight left Monday. After living in Indiana for 6 months and really feeling settled, it was such a pleasure to get to show my favorite girls the sweet, simple, life we have going on here. It brings us a whole lotta joy and even more when we get to share it!