Snaggle Tooth

A year ago, Winston was showing off for his cousins while we were all at breakfast at Kneaders. He jumped off a picnic table and landed it... but then tripped and ate some serious cement. His tooth bled for a little bit and wiggled loose so I thought we'd lose it right then and there but after about a week it seemed fine again. At his scheduled cleaning 3 months later they took x-rays and we saw that his body had decided the tooth was a foreign object and had slowly started deteriorating the roots. The dentist told me to just watch it and eventually it would fall out on its own, but that if it got infected I'd have to bring him in to have it pulled. We found a new dentist a couple weeks ago and went in for another routine cleaning and they told me the same thing- watch for a little "pimple" to appear on the gums which would indicate infection, otherwise just let it be. Not even a week later Winston ran into one of his friends while they were playing , bonked the tooth, and instantly an infected bubble appeared on his gums. No! I took him back to the dentist and they ordered amoxicillin and scheduled his extraction for today. I had been trying so hard to hang on to that tooth because he just has the most perfect baby smile and I wasn't ready to give it up... especially since my own permanent teeth didn't grow in until I was 8 years old. That's a long time for him to be snaggle-toothed and lispy! But I have to remember, with all the stunts this kid has pulled we are honestly lucky its not worse than this. Plus he has plenty of Fox cousins with matching smiles- its in the genes I guess! Evan sat with him during the procedure since I am pregnant and wasn't allowed in the room. He doesn't seem to mind one bit, especially with the promise of a visit from the Tooth Fairy.


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