Preschool 3's

First Day!

Winston brought this home and it simultaneously cracked me up and broke my heart- Enzo is "the dog formerly known as Bochy"

Field trip on the City Bus

School pictures!

Dad's Day- a tour of the Fire station
 Pickup time!
Mother's Day Tea
Last Day of school with Mrs. Penquite and Mrs. Gibbs
 Hooray for the First United Methodist Church and Village Nursery School! Preschool has been such a growing experience for Winston this year and I was incredibly appreciative for his teacher's patience and love for him. I chose this school because it seemed very play oriented and it turned out to be a great fit for our little boy who has never sat still. Winston is a very smart kid, but he is also a very high energy kid and impressively persistent. The combination makes him a joy and a handful and Mrs. Penquite sincerely enjoyed him which hasn't been the case for all of his teachers in the past so it was such a blessing for me! Our social butterfly made all kinds of friends and made good progress in learning to follow rules and respond appropriately to his intense emotions. I'm certainly glad we have another year of preschool before Kindergarten and I know Cosette is too- picking him up from school was her favorite part of the day!