Tim and Faith

 Last year when I saw the announcement that these two would be touring together again, I immediately signed up for the email updates and counted down the minutes until I could get tickets! I think I could listen to Tim McGraw in concert for literally days without getting tired of him. He played at the Stadium of Fire last summer and the Fox family got heaping serving size of the Texas side of me they rarely see. Unfortunately it turned out that the concert in Indianapolis was three days before my due date... I didn't think it was wise to make that close of a gamble so I decided not to buy tickets. As my due date approached, baby did not come early and I kind of felt heart broken that we would miss out on this once in a lifetime chance but without a newborn to console my broken heart I found myself scheming ways to go to the concert in some other city later in the year. Enter- Momma Hutch. My mom called on the Friday morning before the concert and surprise! bought tickets for Evan and I to go the next night. Uh-MAZING tickets obviously. Man does she know how to make a 9 month pregnant lady thrilled to keep the baby inside a little longer! This concert was incredible. Faith was so much fun to watch live and the interactions between the two of them were pretty hilarious and so real. I wish Tim would have sung for at least an additional hour but... I suppose the vocal chords can only handle so much. We stood and sang and danced to every song and I was perfectly giddy about the whole experience. If this tour is coming to your town, GO!