Vivian: 2 Months

Sweet Vivian came to our family knowing she is number three, and decided to be our best sleeper to date. She still wakes up every 3-4 hours at night but she actually sleeps in her crib! What a concept! Also she eats in no more than 7 minutes flat and is ticked that all the food is gone but she's chunky as anything so clearly she's getting plenty. Her red hair really threw me for a loop when she was born but now I'm totally in love with it and really hoping she keeps the color even after all her baby hair falls out. We call her Miss Viv or Baby Viv. She was having a few tummy troubles at the beginning so we tried out a dairy free diet which was NO fun for me and apparently no fun for her either because she went a solid 12 days with no bowel movement so we bailed and we're both happier. This little dream baby takes both a bottle and a pacifier and so far she mostly just sleeps. We're getting more smiles as the days go by and have had such a huge outpouring of love and support since her birth.

11 lbs 12 oz
22 inches
Size 1 diaper- but not for much longer
Size 0-3 month clothes- again getting close to moving up

Favorite Things:

Owlet Monitor- if you can only afford to buy one thing for your baby when she is born, this is it. It's a monitor you put on their foot when they are sleeping that keeps track of their oxygen sats and heart rate to prevent SIDS. If their vitals go below a certain point an alarm goes off to wake you up. It is glorious! Talk about relief, no more waking up every hour to be sure she's still breathing. I can't live without this thing.

MAM pacifier- neither of my other kids took pacifiers so I didn't realize how handy these babies are! So great for church and especially to satisfy this girl when she's eaten her meal way too fast.
 MAM Mini-Air Orthodontic Pacifier, Girl, 0-6 Months, 2-Count

Broken Bone- This was probably the worst day of my life to date. I was feeding Vivian in the middle of the night and as I laid her back down in her crib I noticed there was an extra blanket stuck underneath her. I tried to pull the blanket out and all the sudden I heard this popping sound and her right arm went totally limp and she started to cry. It must have been twisted around her arm somehow, or maybe she grabbed onto it, I still don't understand how it happened but I felt completely sick. I thought it was dislocated so after frantically calling everyone I could think of  we went to the ER. They did x-rays and found that her humerus actually had a spiral fracture. As soon as they found the break though they stopped giving me any kind of information and started treating me like an abusive parent. It was awful!! They didn't tell me the diagnosis but just mentioned threats of surgery and opened an investigation by the CPS, I realize that they have protocols to follow with broken bones in infants but they way they treated me was so unprofessional. I was sobbing obviously, and the doctor came in so annoyed and just looked at me and said, "What's wrong?" HEY IDIOT I BROKE MY BABY'S ARM. We rode in an ambulance down to the children's hospital in Indy for more interviewing and testing all to be told she hadn't been abused (thanks), didn't need surgery or even a cast, and that it would heal on its own. She was pretty sore for 3-4 days so I gave her tylenol for the pain but after a week she started using the arm like normal again. Babies heal so fast, their bodies are amazing. We had our checkup with the pediatric Orthopedic doctors today and they are very happy with her progress. We have a home visit with the CPS on Thursday so they can come and make sure our other children have no injuries and then hopefully this nightmare can end.

Smile- Viv is still figuring out her face muscles but its pretty darn easy to get one of these silly grins.

Sibling Moments
Winston adores this girl and Cosette is cautiously in love with her but still not sure about no longer being the baby.


  1. Oh my gosh that is so sad!!! So sorry that happened!! I can imagine how they treated you, so horrifying.


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