Evan's 30th

 You can't just buy your husband a present for his 30th birthday you know? It feels like such a coming of age moment the pressure was on to make it memorable. I originally had a sweet plan to throw this  party where we ate strictly sugar cereals from our childhood and played all kinds of throw back games like Don't Wake Daddy with 80's music playing in the background....but in the end I knew that was not what he wanted. What he wanted was bikes. Bike gear, bike tools, bike rides, its all about the bikes. So I compromised my party idea by throwing him a "digital" party (THANKYOU to everyone who participated- I'm annoying but for this guy it was worth it) and then we sent him on an overnight trip to the best "mountain" biking Indiana has to offer. There are no mountains here you know?

 HE approved. Of course the party didn't stop there! One of Evan's best childhood friends just happened to move to Indiana last year when we did so Katie and Brian met us for the obligatory Cheesecake Factory meal and stayed the weekend. The next morning Winston gifted Evan his very first mountain bike ride, how fitting! Also how funny... anyone else know a 4 year old who mountain bikes?


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